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In the context of an organization’s information technology, Infrastructure Management (IM) is the management of essential operational components such as policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts. These increase overall effectiveness. Infrastructure management is sometimes divided into categories of systems management, network management, and storage management. As you can see, Infrastructure Management is not necessarily a single discipline, nor can you solve it with a single solution.


CreekPointe has extensive experience in many of these fields, and because our clients have a wide variety of needs, we apply our solutions as needed. Most often we find that our clients already have good control over much of their IT Infrastructure, but they need help with specific areas. In other cases, our clients have asked that we provide all core IT services. CreekPointe brings to the table over 28 years of IT consulting, service and support.

Systems Management

CreekPointe has been implementing Systems Management solutions for our clients for over 15 years running. Our implementations have ranged from as little as 100 nodes environments to over 50,000 node environments. This includes cradle to grave control over all desktops, laptops, and servers. From simple remote control, to policies, patching, software deployment, and OS deployments, CreekPointe has years of experience in this field. We recognize that all organizations have unique business requirements and we tailor our Systems Management solutions to meet those needs.

Complete Management

Informed by 28 years of evolution in the business, CreekPointe applies all of its experience in multiple disciplines to provide you with a complete Infrastructure Management solution. As stated above under Systems Management, CreekPointe offers those services and more in the cloud. Smaller operations (or even those that don’t have the resources for additional personnel) utilize our Remote Monitoring and Management services which provide additional monitoring, alerting, patching, deployment, and anti-virus capabilities. CreekPointe consults with all clients prior to any change, and we can provide the management platform best suited for the job.

Tailored Management

As the name implies, CreekPointe has never provided canned services. We adapt our services to your needs. Our years in the business are long, and so is our list of IM services:

  • Network Management Local
  • Storage Management Cloud & Local
  • Disaster Recovery Cloud & Local
  • Virtualization Cloud & Local
  • Systems Management Cloud & Local
  • Mobility Management Cloud & Local
  • Monitoring & Alerting Cloud and Local
  • Patch Management Cloud and Local
  • Security Management Cloud and Local
  • Systems Support Cloud and Local

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