Storage Solutions

Today’s businesses find themselves faced with new storage and data management challenges as they enter the age of Social, Cloud and Big Data. Information is being generated at an unprecedented pace.

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Corporate data volume currently doubles about every 18-24 months.

From social, audio, video, email, digital video surveillance and meta-data (data about the data), data analytics, mail logs, machine data to more traditional business data like email, documents, archived chats, backup data, transaction records, companies struggle to find the necessary space on their legacy storage solutions. In fact, it is projected that meta-data will soon become a larger part and will eventually eclipse the actual data itself further adding to the challenge.

Not sure which technologies are right for your multi-tiered storage solution? Let us help you with:

  • Flash-based storage – When the most extreme performance is required.
  • Disk-based storage – When you need resiliency, higher capacity, good performance, and advanced local/remote copy services.
  • Cloud storage – When you have required low TCO and management costs. Often used in conjunction with on-site storage solutions.
  • Storage virtualization – When you have existing storage resources but find it increasingly hard to aggregate and manage.

As an end-to-end provider, CreekPointe makes it easy to install, configure and upgrade your storage solution. Depending on your needs, we can assist you from the initial assessment, post-implementation support to include services that can help you maximize and sustain service delivery efficiencies ensuring a smooth transition.

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