Warranty & Repairs

Please complete the form below and an engineer will be in touch regarding moving forward on the diagnosis/repair if we can perform the service for you.

PLEASE NOTE: CreekPointe services Lenovo THINK products, HP ELITE/PRO products, and most HP LaserJet Printers.

If your Lenovo is an IDEA product or your HP is a Compaq or non-Pro/Elite branded product, we are unable to service them.

    ***VERY IMPORTANT: If Bitlocker is enabled on your system, we must also have the Bitlocker decryption key, otherwise we will be unable to get into the operating system and you will have to reload Windows on your system, losing all data on the storage drive. You may obtain your Bitlocker key within Windows, or either you or your IT team will have received it via email to the account registered with Microsoft. Simply go to your Windows Start Button and search for “BitLocker” to get to this setting. You may also turn BitLocker off yourself to avoid losing your data in the event of a system board replacement. 

    When you drop off your system on the scheduled day/time please include the factory AC adapter/charger, and make sure we have credentials with administrative rights should we need to get into the OS.

    We are taking extra steps to ensure the safety of our customers (and our employees) during the current COVID-19 situation. Upon arrival on the scheduled repair day, you may leave your laptop on the small table inside the entrance and call us as you’re leaving, so we can maintain safety distancing/no-contact standards. Someone will come out and grab your system immediately. And when you are notified of completion, we will reverse the procedure (you can call us from the parking lot and let us know you’re waiting and we’ll leave the system out there for you to pick up with no contact). Let me know if you have any questions.